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Ways we work with ICO projects


Constant development

Previous methods of ICO promotion became ineffective. Thus we invent new ones

Following the graphs

Strict following the project graphs increases its efficiency. We have proved it in practice


Involving into a project

Deep involving into a project is extremely important for the project success. We perfectly manage the task






Million of investments

ICO projects packaging services



That is the most important document of an ICO project. We work out White Papers in order to make a project maximally attractive, logical and clear for institutional and private investors. Meanwhile a project stays fully realistic.

From 3 000 usd

Business plan

The main economic document of any investment project that includes project financial model among other parts. Business plan is obligatory for establishing contacts with crypto funds, venture funds and significant private investors.

From 2 500 usd


Presentation is the main representational document that is used for particular investment community members pitching and for a project representation on conferences, meet-ups and road shows.

From 1 000 usd


Modern ICO and crow dfunding projects basically demand a multilingual adaptive cross-browser website of high resolution that has unique design, good graphics and animation.

From 2 000 usd


Smart-contracts is one of technological pillar for ICOs. They are developed for maintaining a project transparency and respecting the interests of the investment community.

From 1 500 usd

Investor's room

An investor's personal room is among the technological standards of ICO projects. The instrument is intended to provide safe and convenient investment transactions.

From 3 000 usd


Branding makes your project unique identifying it among others and increasing its recognizability and memorability. This service includes development of branding platform, naming, logo, branded style and color scheme.

From 2 000 usd


For ICO or crowd funding projects video may be regarded as simultaneously branding, representative and marketing instrument. We make representative videos, interviews with founders, promo videos, videos for social networks, etc.

From 1 500 usd

Without appropriate legal support ICO and investment projects are about to be criticized by investors and suspected of manipulations by regulating authorities instead of be successful and collect enough investments.

From 2 000 usd

Marketing services


Release publication on crypto-investing and business platforms


ICO-project listing in numerous trackers and directories

Social networks

Managing and promoting of an ICO project in social networks

Media advertising

Banners placing on leading crypto platforms

Community marketing

Crypto investors return to an ICO project website using remarketing

Context advertising

Projects promoting in Google Adwords Search and CMN (contextual media network)


Crypto investors return to an ICO project website using remarketing

Email marketing

Close collaboration with subscribers and users registered in White List

Interdependence between expenses for ICO project and expected obtained investments

amount of expenses for ICO

  • 30 000 USD
  • 90 000 USD
  • 180 000 USD
  • 450 000 USD
  • 2 000 000 USD
  • 5 000 000 USD

expected amount of investments

ICO LifeHack 1

We have developed special system based on particular indexes that on the primary level of promotion indicates approximate efficiency by the end of ICO. Thus we get possibility to correct strategy and tactics of a project promotion on any level. Moreover the system leads to more rational using of a project advertizing budget

ICO LifeHack 2

Promoting ICO projects we use our own Influence Marketing tactics. They enable to influence target audience effectively forming and increasing its interest towards an ICO project. Desirable objectives achieving is almost impossible without close collaboration with audience

ICO LifeHack # 3

Nowadays relationships with crypto investment and investing communities play often a crucial role for success of any ICO project. We offer your ICO projects IR services (investors relations). The service lies in establishing a contact between a project and investors or investment funds

Service cost

Turnkey packaging

  • WhitePaper

  • Business plan

  • Presentation

  • Website

  • Smart-contract

  • Investor's room

  • Branding

  • Video

  • Legal support

Project documentation

  • WhitePaper

  • Business plan

  • Presentation

Technical package

  • Website

  • Smart-contract

  • Investor's room


  • PR

  • Trackers

  • Social networks

  • Advertising

  • Community

  • Email

  • Bounty

  • Influence marketing

  • Investor Relations

Peculiarities of services providing concerning ICO promotion

  • Interaction of the project elements
  • All elements of an ICO project packaging including White Paper, business plans, presentations, One pager, websites and videos are developed and interacted in order to have much credibility among investors

  • External evaluation of a project
  • On the packaging level of a project development we present it to crypto and venture investors obtaining their opinion towards a project attractiveness and quality of its packaging. Thus, all our projects are packaged professionally on the final stage

  • Best crypto platforms
  • We maintain close contacts with all top crypto platforms including … Therefore we get the best conditions for ICO projects marketing providing

  • Cooperation with funds
  • We are dealing with tens of crypto investing and venture funds suggesting them to consider our new ICO projects being sure that a project will be undoubtedly taken into account

  • Cryptocurrency advertising network
  • Our advertising network includes more than 7 500 small and large cryptocurrency platforms that provide 100% targeted traffic to websites of any ICO projects

  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Due to the large portfolio of executed projects our ID base includes Facebook and Twitter profiles where 75% of users belong to investors or crypto investors. We are ready to involve them to your project

  • Reddit
  • Reddit is the extremely useful and popular platform for ICO projects. We have access to the most popular sub Reddits of crypto investors. Using Reddit we are able to popularize any ICO project rapidly

  • Telegram
  • Nowadays Telegram is regarded among the main platforms for ICO. We have collected own base of crypto investors' accounts that includes more than 0,5 millions ones. Those investors are interested to invest in ICO projects. The base is active being collected on the basis of already executed projects

  • Crypto forums
  • Crypto world is not limited by Bit Talk only. Our base includes more than 25 thoroughly selected crypto forums that provide brilliant cumulative effect for our ICO projects

  • Bounty
  • Our company have collected own base of 12 thousand of bounty hunters that are always ready to work together promoting our ICO projects. Their loyalty leads to getting more significant results on the stage of an ICO project marketing

  • Email-base
  • We collect new base of ETH addresses of the most active and sufficient crypto investors for each ICO project. Using the base we provide Airdrop distribution rapidly gaining attention of investing community to a new ICO project

  • Airdrop base
  • We collect new base of ETH addresses of the most active and sufficient crypto investors for each ICO project. Using the base we provide Airdrop distribution rapidly gaining attention of investing community to a new ICO project

    Our projects


    The only blockchain ecosystem with secure multi-party computing


    An AI arbitrage and prediction platform for cryptocurrency traders


    A blockchain open source and smart contracts platform and ecosystem


    A decentralized data management ecosystem biased in personal privacy


    A social platform connecting brands and influencers


    Privacy Focused dAPPs for eliminating middle parties


    A blockchain platform and ecosystem focused on security and integrations


    An opensource decentralized exchange based on ANX's technology


    Developer of crypto indices and trading platform


    Investment fund focused on domen names and cryptocurrencies


    A platform with a focus on event management


    A forecasting protocol with variable biases


    Quick decentralized and open source blockchain ecosystem


    A social network with an alternative monetization model


    A blockchain based advertising network

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